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New York Theatre
​   The Henrietta                            Nicolas van Alstyne Sr.              Metropolitan Playhouse
             "Durkin brings an infectious bluster as van Alstyne"
              New York Times
   Babes in Toyland                      The Toymaker                            Lincoln Center, Avery Fisher Hall
   The Clan of the Quillins            Angus Quillin                             45th Street Theatre
   The Jazz Singer                        Harry Lee                                  Metropolitan Playhouse
        “Most impressive is Michael Durkin as April Follies’ producer, a man who displays both a hard business side 
         and yet empathy for the decision his star is facing.”      
   Hamlet                                       Polonius/Gravedigger                 Hudson Guild Theatre
   Year One                                   McKinley/Dooley                        Metropolitan Playhouse
       “Durkin is splendid as McKinley and bartender Dooley.” 
        New York Times
   The Octoroon                           Scudder                                      Metropolitan Playhouse
       “Durkin delivered some of the production’s finest moments.”
   The Weir                                    Finbar Mack                               Gallery Players 
       “Durkin displayed an extraordinary talent for storytelling. His gregarious character became the engine of [the] evening.” 
   The Purloined Detective          Watson                                        Metropolitan Playhouse
   The Marriage of Bette & Boo    Paul                                            Gallery Players
   A Lie of the Mind                      Baylor                                         Gallery Players 
   The Fantasticks                        Hucklebee                                    Gallery Players
   Devil’s Disciple                         Rev. Anderson                              Metropolitan Playhouse 
   Missouri Legend                      Hosia Hickey                                 Metropolitan Playhouse
     “Durkin brings to life every lowdown 19th century melodrama villain ever conceived” 

Improvisational Theatre 
Freestyle Repertory Theatre: founder & executive director
   Spontaneous Broadway     York Theatre
   TheatreSports™                  Westside Arts
   An Evening With Style        Samuel Beckett Theatre
   Real Life: The Improv with: A.R. Gurney-Playwrights Horizons, Linda Ellerbee-The Atlantic Theatre, Austin Pendleton-Sardi’s,
                                               Camryn Manheim- Grove Street Playhouse, Mo Gaffney-Westside Arts
   Write Now!                           Harold Clurman Theatre
   Chameleons                        INTAR

   International/National Improvisation Festivals:
         Amsterdam; London; Toronto, Vancouver; Edmonton, San Francisco; San Diego; Seattle; New York City

Guitar, harmonica
Friend of the Zoo, Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx, New York